Our Formulas


Standard cruise:

  • 45€/person with minimum of 225€/ship:
  • max 12 passengers per vessel (additional vessel possible*)
  • cruise lasts ±1h30
  • incl. glass(s) of cava, wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee or tea
    (VAT 6% included)


  • *insertion of 2nd or 3rd ship (at €240 / ship)
  • Breakfast: +25€/pers.
  • Sandwich lunch/dinner: +25€/pers.
  • Champagne instead of cava: +25€/pers.
  • 6 Oysters (Irish Creuse) PP: +60€/pers. (max. 9 pers)
  • 10gr Baeri Caviar PP: +40€/pers. (max. 9 pers)
  • special arrangements on request


In the event of very bad weather, the skipper has the option of cancelling or rescheduling the cruise.